Coffee Shop Engagement Shoot | Mike + Amanda

coffee shop engagement balzacs

Coffee Shop Engagement Mike and Amanda had their first date at this Balzac’s in Port Dalhousie (St. Catharines) which made it a no brainer to have their engagement shoot there.  This particular day was pretty dang cold so we were totally down with having an indoor shoot in such a warm and aromatic environment.  Mmmm…...

Stoney Creek Engagement Session | Rob + Amanda

stoney creek engagement

Stoney Creek Engagement Session Between Rob’s cool rock-n-roll vibe and Amanda’s bubbly fun-loving personality, this Stoney Creek engagement session was a blast. As you can see these two are happy parents of their bulldog fur babies. Other than the drool we must say they are pretty spectacular dogs. After leaving their house, we learned quite...

Vintage Hotel Wedding | Mike + Julia

niagara wedding photographers

Vintage Hotel Wedding This Vintage Hotel wedding started off at the Queens Landing but quickly moved to one of our favourite places: Stratus Vineyards.  The shift from classic to contemporary made this wedding uniquely beautiful.  Mike and Julia (who looked stunning by the way) were a joy to hang with and their love for each...

Niagara Beach Engagement Session | Neil + Jenna

Niagara Beach Engagement Session We love these two but who in their right mind chooses a sunrise session?  Right?  Don’t they know weekends are for sleeping in?  Seriously, all joking aside, we couldn’t be happier they pulled us out of our mundane sunset trend and opened our eyes to the glory of sunrise.  This morning...

Niagara Photographers | A Retrospective | 2019

Niagara Photographers | A Retrospective | 2019 WOW!  So hard to believe another year is in the books and we have now entered the future.  haha  As a kid I (Shane) always saw the year 2020 as some futuristic utopia where we’d fly around in cars like the Jetsons.  Well… I guess not.  Sorry for...



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