Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your style?

Photojournalistic.  Classic.  Editorial.  Candid.  But seriously… enough with the labels, we just focus on capturing compelling moments between two people in love with a film style look. We strive to give each couple a unique experience with a modern artistic twist.

Who are the Photographers?

It’s us every time! …Shane and Jenny. Hit up our “about” section for the skinny on us.

What’s the benefit of a husband and wife team?

You are not just getting one photographer and an assistant, but two professional photographers who know each other intimately and can often communicate with barely a sound. Sort of like ninjas if you please. Most photographers hire a second shooter and just sort of use whoever is available. The problem is that there can be a drastic difference in shooting styles and skill level which can be very noticeable in your images. We offer cohesiveness.  There are other reasons too, so be sure to ask when we meet.

Where are you based out of?

We technically live in Ridgeville, Ontario but we usually say “near Fonthill” because most people have never heard of Ridgeville. We are basically in between St. Catharines and Fonthill in the heart of the beautiful Niagara Shorthills.

What types of Photography do you do?

We primarily focus our attention on weddings these days, but we do enjoy commercial work and artistic projects that interest us when they beckon.  Shane also does a bit of graphic design work from time to time.  I know… totally unrelated.

Is an engagement session really necessary?

We believe it is. For us, it’s proven to be a vital part of the process allowing us to build rapport and ensure you are totally at ease by the time your wedding day rolls around. We prefer showing up to the wedding as friends, not just the hired help. For these reasons we include an engagement session in all of our collections.  If this doesn’t work for you we are flexible and more than happy to just meet up sometime prior to the wedding day.

How much time do you recommend for engagement sessions?

We don’t technically put a time limit on our engagement sessions, and they typically last anywhere from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours depending on the couple.  We always shoot these in Niagara within the last 90 minutes before sunset, and we are picky… meaning we are looking for optimal weather because we can.  We can certainly talk more about this… right?

What should I wear to my engagement session?

Jenny has some great suggestions on our Pinterest board. CLICK HERE

Can I bring my dog to the engagement session?

No!  mic drop… feel free to bring it up at your consult.  You do still wanna talk, right?  It may happen but we have guide-lines.

What is a first look?

A first look is where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. It’s basically a sneak peek. This can be such a special and intimate moment. It allows for time to take portraits of you lovebirds prior to the ceremony… we’ve captured some amazing moments here, highly recommended.  No pressure though, totally your call.  However, if you have a late day ceremony this is a great option to do all of the major stuff {getting ready, family, wedding party and bride and groom shots etc…} prior to the ceremony ensuring there is adequate available light for shooting.

What gear do you use?

We shoot Canon.  Our camera bodies are Canon DSLR’s.  We shoot exclusively with prime lenses {mostly L series} because they are lighter, faster and sharper… and well, because we prefer them.  We use Canon flashes, and Lexar & Sandisk compact flash memory cards. On the back end, we’re Apple people and use Photo-mechanic, Lightroom and Photoshop in our workflow.  We may even snap a pic with our iPhone on occasion… it’s been known to happen.  We also use “money maker” camera straps because they’re cool looking {sorta like Starsky & Hutch}, functional, and just plain awesome!

Do you spilt up during the wedding day?

Nope, we sure don’t.  We stay together from start to finish and we have some great reasons why… so let’s be sure to chat about this!

Do you use social media?

Do we EVER! You can check us out on Facebook, Pinterst and Instagram.  Twitter is stupid!  We know, that was so negative… we do have an account but pretty much never tweet.  I guess we find it hard to believe that someone actually cares about what we’re doing and/or eating every day.

How long have you been married?

14 years {and three kids later}… thanks for asking.

What do you guys like to do when you’re not taking photos? 

Shane loves drumming, hiking, biking, getting down and crazy with the kids, bonfires, burgers, movies, music, reading, graphic design, tennis and hockey.  Jenny loves cooking, reading, baking, dinner parties, pinterest, music, jeopardy, pizza, activities with the kids, bonfires, and kickin it in her jammie pants.

How long have you been shooting?

Shane – 11 years  & Jenny – 6 years

How many photos will I get?

That depends on how much time you have us for and the flow of your day. Let’s talk more about this when we meet.

Will all of my photos be retouched?  

Yep! We don’t let any images leave our studio without some Reed love. We only want our best work to represent us.

How long after the wedding before we get our photos?

We guarantee your images will be delivered in 10 weeks. Say what??  However, if your wedding is on a double header weekend (back to back weddings) or something crazy like a family vacation happens we may require another two weeks.  We’d let ya know!

How many weddings do you shoot each year? 

We do take a limited number of commissions per year for various reasons.  We typically don’t go past 20, and they book up fast.  We want to give our full attention to each client and strive for excellence in both quality and service.  This also means it is really personal to us.  We need the connection to be there and to feel a chemistry between us that we believe will make magic happen on your wedding day.  Just as much as you are choosing us, we are also choosing you as our clients.  We love great stories!

Can I have/purchase the RAW files?

Nope! Sorry, we don’t sell RAW files because as mentioned above we only want our best work {retouched by us} to represent us.  Also, if you’ve seen a RAW file… you’d know that they look pretty grey, flat and all around rough.  It’s sort of like asking an author if you can have the original manuscripts of their book, unedited and unformatted including the pages that didn’t even make the book.

What are your rates?

Check out our investment area for a starting at price, and contact us for detailed pricing.

I’m ready to book, now what?

Read the steps below and then hit us up on the CONTACT FORM.

What is required to lock in my date?

We require three things to lock in your date. 1) a paid retainer 2) a signed contract 3) a good hug  Ok, really just two things, but hugs ARE awesome!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept email money transfers, cash, cheque and CC payments through Paypal. *Paypal payments will require an additional 3% added to your total to cover their fees.  Dirty Paypal!

Thank you for reading through our FAQ.  If you have any other questions please fire away, and who knows… if they’re good enough, you may even make the FAQ.